Friday Nights Out...a fun time for ALL!
December 19--  Save the Date!  We're always looking for give the most precious gift of all this season-- your time! We really appreciate it.

Join us for a fun night of games, dancing, art projects, and cooking! Friday Nights Out! is a social club for teens and young adults.

Friday Nights Out! runs one to two Fridays per month from 6-9pm, cost is $35. New members need  to fill out the participant application form on our website.  2015 dates will be on the calendar soon so you can plan ahead...we hope to see you there! Click here for more information.

Here's what people are saying about our Friday Nights Out program:

"Friday Night Out means so much to our daughter Alexandra because it is an opportunity to 'hang out' like a typical teen but with other kids like her. She can be someplace safe, structured and supervised, yet the environment is just like going over a friend's house for a typical night of social fun. This type of activity is something that no other program offers and my family truly values this experience for our daughter."

"Friday Night Out at Creative Living has been a  fantastic opportunity for my son to socialize, laugh, and have some  great fun with a group of people that all want to be there and be  comfortable and familiar with. The staff is so supportive and committed. We are fortunate to have this in our community!"

Snapshots from November's "Friday Nights Out" Event!