Thursday afternoons at Creative Living, Creative Living's After School staff is dedicated to working with students to promote the social and life skills of the individual students in the program. Whether it be discussions around the dinner table during a snack to model appropriate behavior at meals, or sharing/taking turns during a game, an activity, or cooking together, the students have many opportunities to practice skills in a "real life" home environment. During the time spent in the program, students continuously improve their social skills by doing these group activities and preparing for real-life situations.

Life skills are also an important focus of the program. Students have been improving their life skills through activities such as cooking, utilizing house appliances and electronics (microwave, stove, TV and radio), household tasks (washing dishes, vacuuming) and daily living activities. In food preparation and household tasks, students actively participate by doing sequential parts of the activity, while working as a team to accomplish a task.

After school programming is individualized, yet also developed with a group focus and purpose. Creative Living's after school environment promotes the joys and successes of each student. Creative Living After School Program is a successful partnership with the Andover/North Andover Public Schools. If you know of an Andover/North Andover student who would benefit from this program, please click here for more information.