We would like to announce our Chateau Restaurant sponsored fundraiser on Tuesday April 5th!  When the coupon is given to the waitperson at your table, the Chateau will give 20% of food and beverage proceeds to benefit Creative Living. This includes any meals during the day and take-out orders!  


We have attached a copy of the coupon. You MUST bring this coupon with you on April 5th and hand it to your wait staff person or cashier for take-out in order for Creative Living to receive these proceeds.

Please plan on eating at the Chateau on April 5th. Bring friends and family! The restaurant is located at 131 River Road, Andover, MA. Phone # 978-687-2442.
Thank you,
Creative Living’s Fundraising Team!
Make sure to bring this coupon with you when you go to the Chateau!
To print, right click with your mouse over the photo, and select "save as" to save it. Then find the photo in your computer's library and print it from there.