Thanks to everyone who participated in our calendar raffle!  It was a great success and helps to ensure our ability to provide programs and services to the special needs community.  Congratulations to all our winners...

Raso and a Pie, Katie Broderick

BJs Membership, Amanda of Banknorth

Chipoltes gift certificate (GC), Ruth Giordano

Olive Garden GC and a pie, Laura DeBenedictis

Shawsheen Lunchonette GC and a pie, Liz Gottfried

Razdoza GC, Josie Capaldo

Panera GC, Luan Giannone

Raso GC and a pie, Eric Teichert

Markeys GC and a pie, Heather Howell

Sense of Wonder GC, Luan Giannone

Horseshoe Grill GC and a pie, Patty McCarthy

Palmers GC, Eileen Glynn

LaRosa GC, Jackie Tropiano

Casa Blanca GC, Joanne Fuller

99 Restaurant GC, Cathy Gallo

Georges GC, Beth Moody

Borellis GC, Luan Giannone

Bertuccis GC and a pie, Barbara Devine

Grassfields GC and a pie, Susan Scandon

Razdoza GC and a pie, Jeff Little

Casa Blanca GC, Jim Mulligan

Dominos GC, Louise Borke

Dunkin Donuts GC and a pie, Maria Freccero

Rose and Dove GC, Janice Keene

Burtons GC, Dana and Kathy

Cafe Azteca GC and a pie, Joyce Harrison

Outback GC, Michael K

99 Restaurant GC, Susan Scandon

99 Restaurant GC and 2 pies, Janet Scanlon

Casa Blanca GC, Michael K

Irish Cottage GC and a pie, Patty Rotundo

Joe Fish GC, Grace Fitzpatrick

Chateau GC, Karen Winning

Markeys GC, Patty Rotundo

Joe Fish GC and a pie, Marie Munroe

Casa Blanca GC, Melody Camiere

Dunkin Donuts GC, Ellen Lynch

Horseshoe Grill GC, Barbara Doucot

Perfectos GC, Nancy Murphy

Wyndham overnight, Angela Gordon