Thank you to all who purchased calendars for our annual raffle and congratulations to our winners!  All proceeds benefit Creative Living and the winning tickets were drawn April 13th at our 25th Annual Meeting.  The winners are listed below.  If you have not been contacted by Creative Living, please call 978.470.3165 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange receipt of your prize.  Thanks again to all those who participated.  You are all winners to Creative Living and we appreciate your support!  Stay tuned for details on our $10,000 raffle coming soon!

April 1. Kathy Baker,   Marshalls
April 1a. Maria Mello,   Chipotle
April 2. Chuck Bistany,   Not Your Ave Joes
April 3. Sue Glowik,  Old Navy
April 4. Rose Distefano,   Barnes and Noble
April 5. B. Southworth,   Wyndham Hotel stay and breakfast
April 6. Cindy Manning,   Dunkin Donuts
April 7. Ann Feeney,   Dave's Citgo
April 8. Sue Glowik,   Longhorn Steakhouse
April 9. Ginny Bubar,   Bernie and Phyls
April 10. Peter Mills,   Market Basket
April 11. Viola DiMeo,   Joe Fish
April 12. Sheila Landers,   Dunkin Donuts
April 13. Ray J DiFiore,   Borellis Deli
April 14. Anne Fenney,   99 Restaurant
April 15. Janet Scanlon,   Panera Restaurant
April 15a. Eileen Glynn,   Joe Fish
April 16. Robert Freccero,   Marissa Michaels
April 17. Janet Scanlon,   Shawsheen Luncheonette
April 18. Ken Moran,   Horseshoe Restaurant
April 19. Edna McMullan,   Not your Ave Joes and scratch ticket
April 20. Lester McNab,   Orzo Restaurant
April 21. Caitlin Gilbert,   Rose and Dove
April 22. Susan Scaffidi,   Fisichellis Bakery
April 23. Kristen MacDougall,   Dellaria
April 24. Cathy Robie,   Market Basket
April 25. Maria Mello,   Lyn Evans Potpourri Designs
April 26. Michael DiPietro,   Van Otis Chocolates
April 27. Lucy McCain,   Bertuccis
April 28. Lena Leaman,   Glory Restaurant
April 29.  Ann Paradis,   Horseshoe Restaurant
April 30. Kevin Lynch,   Casa Blanca