All of the quotes used on this site are real comments from Creative Living clients, family members or staff. See how powerfully our organization can change lives for the better.

"Creative Living Getaway Weekends provides my daughter not only with time away from home with her family, but the opportunity to be with her friends in a community setting that is apart from her daily life, and yet permits her to live like any young adult -- eating out, bowling and taking part in church activities."
"The tremendous independence she has achieved as a result of this experience with, most importantly, very well educated and high quality respite staff support, motivates her more at home to practice these new skills, and she returns a new young lady inspired to learn the daily living practices to be able to one day live her dream -- to be in a group home with her friends independent of her parents, yet functioning like any member of this great society and making her own valuable and sustaining contribution to it."
"Creative Living Weekends allow me to miss Francesca! I mean to say that I get to sleep late, dream, eat breakfast, get dressed and decide about my Saturday all without ever having to do the exact same thing for my lovely wonderful daughter. Do you see? For me life is the Groundhog Day movie all day every day: I clip two sets of toenails, I wash two faces, I shave four legs -- sometimes I forget which one I did! These very occasional weekends give me time to live and breathe and be a human being, without constantly and sometimes it feels, relentlessly, caring for the person I love more than myself.  But then, if your glass is empty how can you fill someone else's?"
"I love my daughter very much, but some days the demands and challenges of caring for a 20-year old with developmental disabilities feel unbearable! There are times when I feel so emotionally drained that the only thing I have the strength to do is sit and cry.  Respite weekends give me peace of mind knowing my daughter is happy and safe. This gives me the opportunity to let go of the stress, take a deep breath and relax! I get to spend quality time with my husband, enjoying life's simple things ... a walk, a quiet conversation, sometimes even a night out to dinner!  I give my 8 year old son my undivided attention! I listen to his stories and laugh at his silly jokes and just get to enjoy being with him!"
"This break gives me time to reflect on the goals we've accomplished and to evaluate the plans ahead. I regain the strength and confidence I need to face life's challenges as I continue to advocate for the best possible life I can give to my daughter, my family and me. Thank you for the opportunity to share this insight into our world."
"In thinking about a Creative Living weekend, there are so many things...  Beth is excited and cannot wait to arrive! Perhaps the most important thing I can say about Creative Living is that the weekends give her an opportunity to grow and learn, be with friends, be happy and joyful, and experience life as safely and independently as possible.  GetAway Weekends are very important to our family.  We do not have family that lives in Massachusetts, and Beth is an only child. As a young adult, she loves her independence, and there are limited ways for this to happen. Creative Living is a safe and professionally run facility -- and one of just a few available in the area.  With State cuts to the DMR budget, respite care and funding for family support are all but gone. Creative Living is Beth's home away from home!"